The best apps to download videos on Android

Watching videos online is great but it uses up too much data and we don’t always have a decent connection. Download your favorite videos from any web to your phone to be able to watch them offline whenever you want

Vidmate 5.2104 English
Vidmate 5.2104

Download movies, music, and apps on your Android

TubeMate English

Download videos and songs from YouTube

Videoder 1.0.3 English
Videoder 1.0.3

App to download videos from different websites

KeepVid English

Effective app for downloading videos and music from the Internet

iTube 4.0.4 English
iTube 4.0.4

Listen to YouTube music without an Internet connection

NewPipe 0.27.0 English
NewPipe 0.27.0

Download any video from YouTube

Peggo 2.0.8 English
Peggo 2.0.8

Download video and audio from YouTube and SoundCloud

SnapTube English

Download videos from YouTube, TikTok, WhatsApp and more

VidNow English

Play and download YouTube videos

All Video Downloader 1.4.4 English

Application to download videos

InsTube 2.6.6 English
InsTube 2.6.6

App to download video and audio from YouTube and other sites

Private Video Downloader 5.8.0 English

Download videos from the Internet at the click of a button

Pure Tuber English
Pure Tuber

Play and download YouTube videos on your Android

YMusic 3.7.8 English
YMusic 3.7.8

Play and download music from YouTube

SaveFrom.Net 2.35 English

Download videos from the several sites on the Internet

YesTube 4.2902 English
YesTube 4.2902

Play and download videos from YouTube

aTube Catcher 1.8 English

The Android version of the program to download videos from YouTube

You Tube Downloader 9.0 English

App to download videos from YouTube

Y2Mate 2.2 English
Y2Mate 2.2

Download videos from YouTube to Android

Seal 1.12.1 English
Seal 1.12.1

Tool for downloading music and videos from online platforms

Genyoutube 63.3 English

Client to download videos from YouTube

IDM Videos Download Manager 6.27 English

Manager to download online videos

FastVid: FB Video Downloader 4.3.2 English

Download Facebook videos to play them offline

OGYouTube 3.5 - 13.6 English
OGYouTube 3.5 - 13.6

A really complete YouTube mod

OFFMP4 0.9.1 English
OFFMP4 0.9.1

Tool for downloading premium videos on Android

YTD Video Downloader English

Download videos in an easy manner

HD YouTube Downloader 2.2 English

From YouTube to your phone with one tap

TubeX 1.8.1 English
TubeX 1.8.1

Download YouTube videos and enjoy them offline

Tmate 1.3.5 English
Tmate 1.3.5

Download TikTok videos free of watermarks

Youtube Video Downloader 4.0.1 English

Download the entire YouTube with just one click

PowerTube 4.7.6 English
PowerTube 4.7.6

Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other sites

Ult Downloader 1.64 English

Download videos at full speed

SnapTik 1.8.4 English
SnapTik 1.8.4

Download videos from social media without watermark

Video Downloader for TikTok 1.4.4 English

Client to play and download TikTok videos

SDownloader 1.2.6 English

Download videos and photos from all major platforms

AyaTube 1.7.9 English
AyaTube 1.7.9

Download videos from your social networks

Video Downloader for Facebook 1.0.8 English

Download your favorite FB videos

Download All Videos 1.1.9 English

Download any video from the Internet

AnyVid 4.0.2 English
AnyVid 4.0.2

Download videos from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and Facebook

SaveVideo 1.16 English
SaveVideo 1.16

Download videos and photos from the leading social media networks with one tap

YouTube Song Downloader 2.2.1 English

Download YouTube videos easily

Video Downloader 1.3.8 English

App to download videos from different sites

Fastest Video Downloader 1.4.7 English

Fast online video download client

SongTube 6.4.5 English
SongTube 6.4.5

App to download YouTube videos and manage your library

ASTRON 1.0.7 English
ASTRON 1.0.7

Alternative YouTube client without advertising and allowing video downloading

File Downloader 1.0.0 English

Browser and downloader, all in one

arkTube 9.0.6 English
arkTube 9.0.6

App for downloading any YouTube video

GetThemAll 3.6.3 English
GetThemAll 3.6.3

File download manager with support for videos

HD Video Downloader 3.2.3 English

Fast video downloading app

KW Downloader 3.1.1 English

Download videos for free and without watermark from TikTok

TubeBus 1.0.8 English
TubeBus 1.0.8

Download videos and songs on YouTube

GetTube 0.9.4 English
GetTube 0.9.4

App to download videos from YouTube

FVD - Free Video Downloader 4.5.7 English

Download videos from the Internet

FvdTube 1.9.3 English
FvdTube 1.9.3

Download videos and songs from YouTube and Instagram, amongst other sites

TikTok Downloader 1.3 English

Download videos from your favorite social network

MP4 HD Player 1.4 English

Play and download videos from the Internet

Twitter Video Downloader 2.0.115 English

Tool to Download Videos from X (Twitter)

Video Downloader for Pinterest 30 English

Download any video posted on Pinterest

Flvto YouTube Downloader English

Watch videos and download them from YouTube

SONGily 4.0.0 English
SONGily 4.0.0

Play and download music videos

Youtube MP3 1.01 English

Download the audio from your favorite YouTube videos

YouTube Ripper 1.1 English

Download videos from YouTube to Android

Downloader for Twitter 1.2.6 English

Simple, fast, and quality downloads from Twitter

SnapTok 1.4.3 English
SnapTok 1.4.3

Download the best TikTok videos without a watermark

Video + Audio Downloader For Reddit 4.1.3 English

Download videos hosted on Reddit

Viddit 2.54 English
Viddit 2.54

Share videos from the Reddit app and download to your phone

IsoTube 1.0.4 English
IsoTube 1.0.4

Download YouTube video or MP3 content

Tube Video Downloader 1.0.7 English

Download videos from the Internet

AVD Download Video 5.1.3 English

Android application to download videos from the Internet for free

My Downloader 1.2 English

Download videos from YouTube and other online video sites

FREEdi YouTube Downloader 2.4.1 English

Download YouTube videos to your Android

Downloader for Pinterest 2.308 English

A tool to download videos and photos from Pinterest

Swift Downloader 1.1.5 English

Download videos and music from the Internet

Save video from Facebook 2.1 English

Download videos from Facebook with this app

Redvid 2.0.2 English
Redvid 2.0.2

Tool to download videos from reddit

Tube Dream 2.8.7 English
Tube Dream 2.8.7

Play and download any YouTube video

YaBeat 3.1.6 English
YaBeat 3.1.6

Rip audio from YouTube and download it your smartphone

MultiClip 1.1 English

Download videos, images and PDFs in Android

TikMate English

App to download videos from TikTok

MediaTap 2.0.5 English
MediaTap 2.0.5

Download multimedia files whilst you browse

Instagrab 1.2 English

App to download videos and photos from Instagram

Watch Later 3.1.2 English

Download YouTube videos in seconds

Music Vibe 1.1 English

Download music in MP3 format and take it with you

Mood Music v3 English

Download and listen to music whenever you want

Revvid 2.0.0 English
Revvid 2.0.0

App for downloading Reddit videos

PinSave 2.0 English
PinSave 2.0

App for downloading pins from Pinterest

Tiklikes Downloader 2.3.2 English

Download TikTok videos without watermark in seconds

Snap Tik 0.3.0 English
Snap Tik 0.3.0

Download videos without watermark from social media

SaveTok 2.5.6 English
SaveTok 2.5.6

Download TikTok videos with one tap

EYS Video Generation Service 1.2.0 English

Download Elf Yourself videos